Connecting music and the world in a synesthetic wayTakashi Iura & Sachiyo Oshima (artists)

2014 01 13

Plants music

Venue: Grand Front Osaka, Knowledge Capital, Active Lab
Date: October 2013
Work Title: pot roses 4’16” ver.2, lily pads ver.2

As the work was to be installed inside a large-scale facility visited by a wide range of people, we recreated two existing pieces anew.

While the previous “lily pads” interpreted the leaves of the water lily as an instrument and exhibited a recording of the best performance played on it, this new version allowed viewers to play freely with the music on a tablet computer. We received a comment from an overseas artist regarding these two pieces: “Art makes it possible to transform organic life into generative music!” We did a workshop during the exhibition in which participants chose their favorite plants and created music out of their shapes.


Photo : Nobutada OMOTE

Calendar for 2014

Venue: Art Space Niji
Date: December, 2013
Work Title: Plants music (preserved rose)

A preserved rose is a rose processed with chemicals to maintain the state of being in beautiful bloom. We created this work inspired by something Georgia O’Keeffe once said:“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.” We composed a short piece of music by digitally extracting the shape of the flower and then portraying a circular tracing of it as a musical score. Picking up the peak of the petal line and converting it into notes, a mysterious phrase emerges. The work is made out of both graphics (a calendar) and sound.